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What is a career?

The great remix

Change is our constant companion in this 21st century world. Even Millennials seem to struggle with the never ending flood of change, but there is already another generation venturing into the workplace who seem more comfortable with flexi-schedules and portfolio careers. It is time for Gen Z (those born after 1995) to find their purpose and rethink what a career looks like.

The BIG RETHINK Future Career Inspiration Sessions are the brainchild of Mariette Boltman and Christine Hugo with the intention of inspiring Namibian learners to make informed career choices. Hosted by, the events are aimed at high school learners, parents and educators - offering them a look at global employment trends and the status quo of the local job market while highlighting the significance of a growth mindset, self-knowledge and personal development.

The first session took place on 22 September at Windhoek High School in partnership with #LearnOnOne and other stakeholders.

Debbie Rowles, of ThinkHumanBeing, gave a presentation on the trends showing up in the workplace. She forecasts that people will change careers on average 4 times in their lifetime and that hybrid jobs are the future. Data science will be required in almost every industry and yet soft skills (emotional intelligence) will be paramount. Workers will be encouraged to re-skill, upskill and diversify their portfolios. Trades, such as electricians, are stable industries, but every career will require a growth mindset and an objective perspective of ourselves.


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