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What happens if Human Dignity is not considered a birthright?

From the News Editor

Story by: Selma Ikela

Certain groups of people in Namibia continue to have their dignity violated by fellow countrymen or entities because they identify differently from the majority. This is especially true for the LGBTQI+ community who have been fighting for recognition, equal human rights and treatment for many years.

I was recently taken aback by an intolerant and insensitive gentleman who called the newsroom complaining about the NewsOnOne coverage of the upcoming Mr. Gay pageant in Windhoek.

The caller accused the station of promoting sodomy and misleading the nation. According to the caller, it is unlawful to broadcast such a story. He informed us that he plans to alert the Ministry of Justice and similarly determine whether it was legal for us to air such a story. In addition, the caller stated that he will discuss the matter with local churches and we should expect feedback regarding our story.

I feel that this is what happens in society when human dignity is not seen as inherent and is only applied selectively. First of all, we must understand that dignity is something all human beings are born with and by simply being human, all people deserve respect. Additionally, all human rights naturally spring from dignity.

My experience in journalism has taught me to uphold our Constitution; which clearly speaks against inhuman and degrading treatment of others, and that the dignity of all people is inviolable.

Now imagine having this gentleman as a parent, service provider or thought leader. We will suffer significantly as a country. Human dignity is important regardless of who you are. It is time to turn our attention to understanding what is meant by this term or we will continue to have individuals with outdated and unprogressive beliefs mistreating others.


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