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Welwitchia students protest over rising fees

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

Aggrieved students from the Welwitchia Health Training centre in Windhoek staged a protest over rising tuition fees this morning.

Over 50 students showed up in front of the centre's campus situated at Post-street Mall in town demanding reduction in tuition and registration fees amongst others.

Students who are protesting ahead of the registration next month are pleading with the centre to eliminate fees such as N$800 for library, medical aid, and general levy of N$ 500.

Welwitchia Health training centre operates seven campuses around the country, of which three are in Windhoek. The centre offers courses ranging from nursing, pharmacy and environmental health amongst others.

Although the Wewitchia's legal representatives informed Michael Amushelelo of Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) that the registration fees will remain in place, the activist was part of the demonstration this morning.

News on One spoke to nursing student Deborah Isak, who expressed her dissatisfaction with the high tuition fees. Isak explained that with the current financial climate, their parents cannot afford to pay for their education.

“We are here demanding for the fees to go down. We are paying a lot of money at Welwitchia Health Training Centre. Our parents are crying. Some of us are orphans, we cannot afford to pay the registration fees of N$12000 in a day," remarked Isak.

Another student, Hausiku Jonas, claimed that although their tuition fees are high, the centre does not have a library. Jonas further complained about the nursing course taught online.

"Majority of us who are here are not going to write exams. Do you know why, because we cannot afford to pay registration," remarked Jonas.

In addition, several students bemoaned that they are taught nursing practicals online. "Imagine, we are taught how to inject a patient online, " stated a student who preferred anonymity.

When a News on One approached officials at the campus, the journalist was instructed to leave.



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