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"We maintained peace and internal security" says retiring Ndeitunga

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, who had led the Namibian police for 17 years, expressed satisfaction with achievements during his tenure. Ndeitunga, who will retire at the end of August, said that despite facing various challenges, he was able to achieve the force's main objective, to maintain internal security. Ndeitunga was speaking during his 60th birthday fun day at Khomasdal stadium where different activities were lined up for the celebration. “It was a journey with a lot of challenges. Challenges that needed focus, concentration and unity of purpose, particularly with the management of the force. We were able to sail through with my team and we have achieved the intended objective. Although much needs to be done in shaping the force,” said Ndeitunga who added that his tenure was memorable and will cherish it forever. In addition, the Deputy Inspector-General for Administration Major-General, Anne-Marie Nainda described Ndeitunga as an inclusive leader, adding that she was privileged to serve as Ndeitunga's deputy, particularly for the past five years. “Looking at his leadership acumen, there are definitely attributes I am going to take. He is an inclusive leader, very progressive and when it comes to discipline, he does not compromise,” added Nainda. The 60-year-old Ndeitunga participated in a soccer match between the Namibian Police and the Namibia Correctional Service. Different activities were lined up for the celebration including egg race for commissioned officers and 100m and relay race among many other sport activities.

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