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"We are working night and day to resolve disunity", CoW Mayor

By: Josia Shigwedha

The newly-elected Windhoek Mayor, Joseph Uapingene, has expressed confidence in fellow council members to solve disunity within the municipal council.

As a result of this division, council members have failed to assemble to elect two members of the management committee.

Uapingene made these remarks after the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, held a consultative meeting with councillors last week regarding the current leadership within the City of Windhoek.

After the meeting, five councillors including Job Amupanda, Sade Gawanas, Clemencia Hanases, Ivan Skrywer and Ilse Keister issued a statement, informing Uutoni that the council will meet on Thursday this week to settle their political differences.

However, Uutoni gave the councillors until the end of this month to solve their challenges.

Uutoni stated that he was pleased when the councillors informed him that they will convene this week.

"I said to them: I am happy to hear that. Let us all have that hope that you re-organise yourselves. I hope you have that capacity to reconcile and forget about political affiliation. I said I appreciate that alot and it is a good move," stated Uutoni.

In addition, Uapingene expressed optimism, adding that unity will be achieved within the set time frame. When asked on the possibility of the minister dissolving the council if infighting persists which has happened in other towns such as Rehoboth - Uapingene stated the decision lies in the hands of the councillors.

"So it's up to us the councillors to say, is this what we want. Is it why we took the oath to say, if my feelings are not adhered to, I can be dissolved," stated the mayor.

Uapingene also said that he does not understand why certain councillors are against Swapo representatives dominating the management committee while the opposition parties have more representation in the city council.



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