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Traditional media has stood the test of time

By: Selma Ikela, Managing Editor

After attending the 2022 Media Trends presentation hosted by TribeFire Studio’s and curated by Debbie Rowles of Think Human Being, I was pleased to learn that traditional media is still relevant and still plays a significant role in this digital age and society.

The media landscape has gone through some transformation over the years with declining advertising and consumers shifting to Social Media platforms. As a result of these changes, audiences accessed news on Social Media mainly via smartphones.

However, consumers have become concerned with proliferation of fake news- particularly after the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. Social Media was inundated with misinformation regarding the virus and, because of this, consumers had to rely on traditional media to verify news.

Traditional media remains a trusted source of news that has stood the test of time. Let’s not overlook the benefits it comes with - it is a longstanding and prefered medium. Media houses must maintain a balance between the new and traditional mediums. Both platforms are essential.


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