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The 3rd Will

A House Divided…

Namibia’s own Kamati family is making its home on OneAfrica. From the day Tate Lukas found the original Will, we have been glued to this local drama. Catch up on Season 1, 2 and 3. Coming in 2023 is the long awaited season 4 to be broadcast exclusively on OneAfrica.

In Season 1 Henry Kamati dies leaving behind a multi-billion dollar meat export business and a shocking last will and testament. His lover’s child will inherit everything. Annely Kamati, his long suffering wife, refuses to be out done by her adulterous husband. She forges a will in favour of her son. But Henry’s ‘true love’, Maureen, is also in for her pound of flesh.

Gangsters and politicians, widows, love triangles and falsified police records. Everyone seems to have a skeleton hiding in their closets… Half brothers, Thomas and Michael, are thrown into the ring together and only one can be the rightful heir. Power and greed fuelled by love and money; binge-worthy Namibian TV!

Do not miss season 1 starting on 4 October at 19h30.

Watch Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 19h30.


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