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Teenage boy drowns in Goreangab dam

By: Ketemba Tjipepa/Josia Shigwedha

An independent diver, Percy Openshaw, offered his services once again to retrieve the body of a 17-year-old boy who drowned yesterday afternoon in the Goreangab dam after he allegedly went swimming with friends. Openshaw embarked on his search just after 12h00 this afternoon and took him roughly two hours to search the body of Elvis Leerooi Kharuxab, which he eventually retrieved just before 14h00. It is alleged that Kharuxab walked from Otjomuise , 8ste Laan in Windhoek in the company of three friends to the dam for a swim. However, shortly after getting into the water , Kharuxab's friends realised that he was drowning. The friends who claimed Kharuxab had undressed himself before getting in the water, walked back home with his clothes and shoes and informed his mother of the tragic incident. Khomas police spokesperson Silas Shipandeni confirmed the incident, adding that the victim allegedly struggled getting out of water shortly after jumping in and as a result drowned.

Openshaw, who risks his own life , recently retrieved the body of a six-year-old boy who drowned in Grysblock. He warned people to stay away from water to avoid losing lives. The experienced diver of 35 years explained the tactics he used to retrieve Kharuxab's body.

Openshaw stated that the family had informed the Namibian police reserve force the last spot Kharuxab was last seen.

"We started a search pattern but it didn't give us any results. While the police officers were discussing with the people who were (last seen) with the victim, I decided to go next to the steps and went down about 20 meters. I felt something and it was the foot of the victim and I brought him up," stated Openshaw who cautioned people to stay away from water since this is the third body recovered in two weeks.

According to Kharuxab's neighbour, Charlotte Jolandi Boois, who accompanied the distraught family to the scene, also urged parents to restrict their children from swimming in dams and rivers.

“We must talk with our children, stop the kids from going to the dams, rivers and take them to municipal swimming pools because this way we are losing our families,” stated Boois. The remains will be taken to the Police Forensic Pathology Division where an autopsy will be conducted.



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