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Struggle kids demand to be registered under ministry of Defence

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

Children born during the liberation struggle have given the government two months to recruit them in the ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs.

The group members who are now calling themselves dependants of living or deceased veterans staged a demonstration outside the ministry of Defence along independence avenue this morning. They are requesting to be registered under the Defence ministry rather than the ministry of sport, youth and national service because they have been languishing in poverty.

Deputy group spokesperson, Lee Johannes, who read the petition on behalf of the group, stated that they have been suffering for many years as if their parents did not contribute to the country's independence.

“We are reminding the same ministry that in 2008, the founding father Sam Nujoma promised that the majority must be recruited in defence as we are born to be soldiers. The ministry was given the responsibility to recruit the dependants of the living or deceased veterans and vulnerable people through the special project that was created in 2008 in Oluno base as a special project,” stated Johannes.

According to Johannes, once they are registered under the defence ministry, this will ensure that they are first in line for employment opportunities at the ministry.

Acting deputy director for policy research and registration services in the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Timoteus Mashuna who received the petition stated that they will look into the issues raised and will respond early February next year.



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