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Spotting Heroes

In honour of this month’s Heroes Day commemoration, I want to applaud all modern-day heroes who continue to make a difference in the lives of many Namibians. Of course, we will never forget the freedom fighters whose unwavering bravery led to this country’s independence. But, we also have many selfless heroes who sacrifice their time, expertise, and resources to help underprivileged citizens. These beings help our struggling brothers and sisters by donating food, paying school fees, offering free medical services and providing shelter and clothing just to mention a few.

There are also activists, some of whom without receiving a cent in return, raise awareness on various challenges plaguing our society. I’m talking of the likes of Zachariah Itodo who is a gender-based activist, registered nurse; Job Ndeulita, who offers free health information on social media, and Huipie van Wyk who operates a daycare and early intervention centre for families of children with special needs in a very poor community.

Former gangster, Samuel Kapepo, who runs a soup kitchen feeding the less fortunate children and donating clothes to vulnerable community members, and Rosa Namises the social, gender equality, and human rights activists.

Last but not least, the office of the First Lady, Monica Geingos, provides academically gifted learners from low-income families with access to quality education as well as offering information on sexual and reproductive health and rights to the youth.

We also recognised individuals who responded positively to our story this week and offered assistance. Remember, there are more blessings and happiness in giving than receiving. And lastly, we are fulfilling and honouring God’s work, which tells us to help others when we are able to. Happy hero's day.


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