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Peace and Perspective; gifts the land

As we step off the accelerator and cruise to the end of the year, we lift our eyes up and drink in the beauty of the Namibian landscape. Whether you’re heading to the coast, on a camping trip in the Caprivi or a staycation in the city, this is our land and conservation is everyone’s business.

Join Jens Schneider and Belinda Retief, the duo behind the 'Wild Namibia - Conservationists in Action' docu-series, for exquisite scenery and rare wildlife sightings and encounters. This show is about saving endangered animals, the landscape and the lifestyles of indigenous people in our vast country. As you take time to exhale this month, find peace and perspective in this land.

Conservation is in our blood as Namibians. Two-thirds of the land in our country is designated as national parks and we are the only nation in the world to have conservation form part of our constitution. We are conservationists!

Belinda said partnering with OneAfrica is about "integrity, shared values and what we can do for Namibia."

Catch ‘Wild Namibia - Conservationists in Action’ on OneAfrica, coming soon.


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