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PDM allegedly reports NBC to media Ombudsman

By: Anton Mbinge

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM ) leader McHenry Venaani said they are taking the state broadcaster, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC )to the media ombudsman for allegedly only covering the ruling party Swapo's events and neglecting the opposition parties. According to Venaani, the State funded broadcaster hardly covers events hosted by opposition political parties, including the PDM, and in this regard labelled them as biased. "We want to be on record that we have reported NBC tv and radio to the media ombudsman, particularly because of the conduct that we have seen that NBC is becoming a tool by the ruling party to disseminate information and propaganda of the ruling party and nothing else for other parties," stated Venaani. He added that his party has since approached the media Ombudsman to intervene and urge the NBC to desist from favouritism. "It is a matter of great concern for us, the Popular Democratic Movement, that the national broadcaster, the NBC, which is funded and run with state resources, prides itself in covering news content in a biased manner. For too long the PDM has taken serious note of the NBC that hardly attends the PDM events in the regions and central capital," stressed Venaani adding they are the official opposition but they are not receiving coverage. He further accused NBC of censorship because it allegedly denies opposition parties their role to express themselves freely. News on One reached out to the media Ombudsman John Nakuta who indicated that his office has not received any complaint yet, however, he will engage both parties once the complaint reaches his office.

Contacted for a comment the national broadcaster NBC also stated that they did not receive any complaint from the official opposition regarding the issue that it has raised. In addition, the NBC indicated they are not aware of the complaint from PDM.



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