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Over 600 Grade 10 learners without placement in Omusati region

By: Anton Mbinge

About 600 Grade 10 learners in the Omusati region are without placement as the majority of the secondary schools have no available space. The Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA) secretary-general, Mahongora Kavihuha, described the situation as unfortunate, and a sign of the regional directorates' failure to plan ahead.

An aggrieved parent, Petrus Shiweva, told News on One that his child is sitting at home without placement, adding that the delay from the regional office is frustrating.

Shiweva claimed that when they approached the regional office for clarity, they were told to wait because the placement process is still ongoing and yet to be finalised.

“As we are talking now, these learners are sitting at home, waiting to be placed at secondary schools. But now, us as parents, because the time is going we cannot wait and all that we are being told is that the schools are full," stated Shiweva.

Shiweva added that the majority of the schools with hostels in the region are full and they fear that their children will be placed at remote schools where they will have to rent in shacks.

According to Kavihuha, this demonstrates incompetence from the side of the ministry officials in terms of planning ahead. Kavihuha noted that the education officials should plan in advance for the growing number of learners.

“The population is increasing. The number of kids that were born in 2022 will not be the same number of kids that will be born in 2023. So already, the Ministry of Education should know that in seven years, they'll need this number of spaces," explained Kavihuha.

Multiple attempts to contact the Omusati education regional director Benny Eiseb for a comment proved futile.



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