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Over 60 pirate taxis impounded through taxi verification App

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

City police impounded over 60 pirate taxis this week through the taxi verification application.

City Police Chief Abraham Kanime, said that with the new in-house Taxi Verification Application they were able to detect illegal vehicles and seize them.

The police said some of these pirate taxi operators were detained and fined.

Kanime explained the App enables members of the public to alert traffic officers of suspicious public transport operators by giving the big numbers displayed on the side of taxis.

"That application, once you put in the big numbers, it will give all this information displayed on the taxi's door. The owner's (name) , the driver and everything. If it is false- then it will tell you it's fake," noted Kanime.

Kanime explained that if the big number was previously registered but due to some reason it gets deregistered- it will still indicate the person using it.

Kanime added that some of these impounded taxis are used in the commission of crime because they bear false numbers.

City police Sergeant, Erven Katiti, from the Training Section further stated that once the big number is typed in (using the App). The vehicle's make, description as well as the permit holder and contact numbers will be available.

The taxi verification application can be utilised by everyone. Kanime urged public members to use the App when they see suspicious vehicles in their areas.



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