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NYS security guards face continuous half and late salary payment

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

The National Youth Service (NYS) security guards have for years continuously received half or late salary payment. Last month, the guards claim they did not receive their full monthly salary, and according to them, this month is no different.

The security guards authored a letter which they intend to submit to the Minister of Labour Utoni Nuyoma, Sport Minister Anges Tjongarero and NYS commissioner Dr. Felix Musukubili indicating how late and half payments affect their financial obligations as parents and breadwinners.

The security guards who normally receive their salary on the 10th of each month, said they received 85% of their salaries on the 15 September while the remaining 15% was only paid on the 3rd of October.

A security guard who has been employed by NYS for nine years, Selma Shangheta said they are tired of facing the same challenges without getting any assistance.

“When we started with the new commissioner, our salaries were delayed. We usually get paid by the 10th of each month, but you will find yourself getting paid by the 25th or the 3rd of the next month. The drivers and supervisors always get paid on time. We are always the ones affected by delayed salaries, but we the security guards are the ones who are on site and bringing the money in the company,” said Shangheta, who spoke on behalf of the security guards.

Shangheta further claimed that the late and half payments have put them in debt and have caused them to face evictions while some of the guards cannot afford to buy their basic necessities such as food and toiletries.

“This has affected us badly, some (guards) cannot send back their kids to schools, others cannot pay rent while many are chased out of the places. We want to know what is causing the payments to be delayed every month,” questioned Shangheta.

Several attempts to get a comment from the NYS were not met with success by the time of going to air.



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