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NYS guards delayed salaries blamed on client non-payments

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

Following delayed salary payments of the National Youth Service (NYS) security guards, the Service said they are going to engage their clients to find a solution to ensure timely payments of invoices and strengthen its revenue collection process.

This week, News on One aired a story regarding aggrieved security guards who claimed they did not receive their full monthly salaries for the months of September and October. The guards stated that the late payments affect their financial obligations as parents and breadwinners.

As a corrective measure, NYS manager for corporate affairs and marketing Belinda Hamburee stated that the Service is looking at moving the pay date from the 10th to the 15th of every month to allow enough time for the NYS clients to settle their invoices, and for the NYS to collect enough revenue to pay security guard salaries on time.

“We are having challenges collecting revenue and clients have not been paying on time. Some clients would pay late and obviously, this has affected the payment of salaries. So what happened in August, by the time of payment, which is the 10th, they(security guards) got paid. However, they only got paid 85% of their salaries because the money was not enough to pay full salaries at that point," said Hamburee.

She stated that as soon as they got the rest of the money, which was a week later they settled the outstanding payment.

"We are in October but we are waiting for September salaries and it is the same challenge, trying to collect revenue and trying to get clients to pay. That is what is holding up the salaries for the month".

Hamburee further dismissed some of the allegations that some guards face unfair dismissal and injustice when they speak out against the NYS. The spokesperson termed these statements as 'null and uncalled for'.

Hamburee stated the NYS has not fired any security guards for misconduct and that these allegations are unfounded. She added that they have internal processes which the guards can follow should they have any grievances.



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