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NPC prepares to commence with NDP6

By: Josia Shigwedha

The National Planning Commission (NPC) is reviewing the current fifth National Development Plan (NDP) as it prepares to commence with the NDP6 following a directive from Cabinet last year in October.

According to the planning commission, the NDP6, which will cover a period of 2024/2025 to 2030/2031 financial years, is the last stretch of the country's development plan towards realising Vision 2030.

NPC Director General,Obeth Kandjoze, stated that the development of NDP 6 comes after the current NDP5 which commenced in 2017, was marred by challenges such economic downturn, Covid-19 and droughts, which set the economy back five years.

Kandjoze made these statements during the joint press conference on the approved commencement of NDP6 and the implementation of the second Harambee Prosperity Plan.

Kandjoze explained that through the national development plans, the country sets its vision, goals, objectives and devise strategies to actualise the national development process.

National development plans are means to mobilise Namibia’s factor of production namely, capital, human,land and entrepreneurship to produce goods and services for the betterment of the people of Namibia, Kandjoze stated.

“I am happy to inform the nation that the National Planning Commission is finalising the mid-term review of Vision 2030, documenting our achievements, challenges and recommendations across thematic areas and sectors for future considerations,” said Kandjoze.

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Peya Mushelenga, added that national development plans are important vehicles for any government as this is a blueprint that spells out the actions that the government is going to undertake. “It also highlights the success and failure of the previous NDPs period so that we are able to see where we have gone wrong and where we need to improve,” said Mushelenga.

The NPC stated that the launch of the NDP6 formulation will be characterised by wider consultations with all stakeholders throughout this year.



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