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New Moses //Garoeb councillor to tackle sanitation issues

By: Selma Taapopi

The newly elected councillor for the Moses //Garoeb constituency, Ndengu Stephanus, says his top priorities are to address the shortage of toilets, sanitation as well as address the need of high mast lights in the area.

Stephanus made these remarks today during the swearing in ceremony after winning the by-election on the 6 January. The elections came after the passing of Swapo councillor Aili Venonja in October last year.

“I want to work with all the stakeholders, who are the community members , leaders in the constituency and the top leaders in government so that we can all build Moses //Garoeb together to become a better place for all,” stated Stephanus who expressed gratitude to the community that elected him. The majority of housing structures in the constituency are shacks.

He stated he will also work closely with the constituency development committee.

The Khomas Regional Council Chairperson, Shaalukeni John Moonde, said some of the major achievements and projects under implementation in the constituency includes construction of state of the art Havana Secondary School, renovations at the Hakahana Clinic and materials assistance provided to 20 entrepreneurs. Moonde was speaking at the opening of the Khomas regional council which coincided with the swearing in ceremony. Moonde further stated that the regional council is faced by the challenge of urbanisation, which has become a problem for the region as people come to the city seeking for better opportunities. He explained that this problem is not just hampering their developmental plans but affects service delivery such as access to clean water and sanitation.



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