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Namibia not conducive for everyone says Ras Sheehama

By: Josia Shigwedha

Local music legend Ras Sheehama has described the country’s current socio-economic climate as unpleasant for many, 33 years after independence.

Sheehama, stated that at the time of independence, people from all walks of life were united and the nation had faith in their leaders, but it is no longer the case because there is negative public perception against the government and tribalism still lingers on.

The reggae artist returned from Angola in 1990 when he was only 24-years-old.

At the time, Sheehama was inspired by the events of the day as people were united in their cry for Independence. But today, the 57-year-old artist said many Namibians continue to face daily hardships.

“Namibia is not nice to a lot of people after independence and again, it is due to what we did to ourselves. It is propaganda because if we were all working towards one goal, a common goal to make every Namibian feel at home, we should have done it,” stated Sheehama.

In addition, afro jazz & traditional artist,Erna Chimu,stated that the health and education sectors are far worse than they were before independence. Chimu indicated that learners had respect for the elders and teachers but it is no longer the case because they control and terrorise the teachers.

“Schools are dirty and things are falling apart in the hostels. It is not maintained. It is the same with the hospital, it is a shame and eyesore to look at the Katutura hospital, remarked Chimu.



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