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Mutota appointed as Nampol Deputy Inspector General

By: Selma Taapopi

Namibian Police Inspector-General, Joseph Shikongo has appointed Commissioner Elias Mutota as the Deputy Inspector General for operations. Mutota who headed the Special Field Force moves from the rank of Commissioner to that of Major-General.

Shikongo promoted and transferred several other police officers including Mutota during a press briefing on Monday. Mutota takes over from Shikongo who was recently promoted to Inspector-General of the Namibian police. Mutota served in the police in the security division, finance department, drug law enforcement unit and VIP protection directorate amongst others. "Commissioner Mutota , from 1st of November 2022, you are promoted to the rank of Major- General and appointed as the Deputy Inspector General of operations. We want to see change. You must do more .You are younger than me, you must go and run. I will not keep you in the office. I want you to go and change the face of the criminal situation in our republic" Shikongo told Mutota. Speaking at the same event, Shikongo stated that the crime in the country is relatively calm, assuring members of the public that the isolated incidences of housebreaking, stock theft and robberies should not be a cause for concern. "The crime situation in the country is relatively calm, although we have isolated incidents of housebreaking, stock theft, other thefts, robberies but there is nothing our people should be alarmed of. The Namibian police is there to ensure public safety and public security". Shikongo further issued a stern warning to Police officers involved in criminal activities, urging them to get out of the offices when necessary and be on the ground and engage communities and ensure crime prevention.



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