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Motorists call for more fuel price cuts

By: Selma Taapopi

The public transport operators say the latest fuel price drop will not offer a significant relief, thus requested for more reductions. Motorists made this call after the Ministry of Mines and Energy announced the fuel prices reduction for both petrol and diesel, of N$ 1.20 and N$0.65, respectively. Thus, the new fuel prices in Walvis Bay will be N$ 21.08 per litre for petrol and N$ 22.12 for diesel.The Ministry said the fuel prices across the country will be adjusted accordingly. The adjustment will become effective on Wednesday. A motorist who operates a diesel powered vehicle, Hofnie Shoombe said it is good that the ministry reduced the fuel price, however, diesel remains costly. "Our leaders can at least try and engage with Angola where fuel is cheap. Why don't they want to get fuel from Angola," questioned Shoombe who stated that the matter should be explored. Similarly, Thomas Amutenya said the fuel reduction is timely as they have been making a loss. " When fuel prices increase, we spend more money on fuel and make less profit. We are thankful that fuel prices dropped but we ask that they drop it further because the cost of living is expensive. We just don't know how to survive and we are having trouble getting by, especially those of us in the public transport sector," said Amutenya, who feels that despite providing services to the nation, their efforts are not appreciated. The Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo said the Ministry recorded an over-recovery of 330 cents per liter on petrol and an over-recovery of 100 cents per liter on diesel. He added this was recorded due to a significant decrease in the oil prices per barrel. Alweendo further said the latest calculations by the Ministry indicate that the average price for unleaded petrol 95 over the period of 01-26 August 2022 is at USD 111.078 per barrel. Additionally, the average price for diesel 50 over the same period is at USD134.607 per barrel when compared to USD 139.692 per barrel at the end of July 2022. He said this is a much lower decrease of about USD5 per barrel over the review period," said Alweendo.



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