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Man of faith inspires by walking over 1900 kilometers on foot for a good cause

This is the story of a 35-year-old man's remarkable journey of over 1900 kilometers by foot.

Imagine walking from the Orange River in Oranjemund to the Zambezi region for over a hundred days,and then hitch hiking through three of Namibia's neighbouring countries without using a single cent? Challenging, but Elago Nantana has done it, and said the greatest lesson he learnt during his trip - is to never give up.

Nantana, an entrepreneur and the Chairperson of a delivery room foundation in Otjomuise, Windhoek which promotes mental and spiritual well being of men said while on his personal journey he woke up daily knowing he had to move forward whether he liked it or not. He compared this to life, which is filled with challenges that one has no choice but to overcome.

Nantana decided to embark on his long journey to inspire his fellow man and the general public preaching the word of God, in response to the high number of sucide cases among men, depression and the public's general sense of hopelessness in these difficult socio-economic times.

Nantana began his journey on the 1st of June, planning to finish his trip over 90 days at the end of August, but in reality it took more than a 100 days and he finished two weeks ago.

Speaking to TodayonOne, he said his walk across Namibia taught him endurance and focus, as he carried a 16 kg backpack that included his sleeping bag, his tent and a solar panel.

The nation became aware of his cause and people who met him along the way offered to carry his bag or escort him. Nantana was also invited to host motivational talks in some towns and was approached by parents asking him to pray for their children who attempted to commit suicide.

" On my way to Otavi, we met some people who came , some mothers who came because of their children who were in hospitals. They came for prayers, saying please pray for my child in the coma and I come in faith that my child will be helped ," remarked Nantana.

After TodayonOne posted the first video of Nantana on social media, the nation was sceptical that he would safely walk through the Bwabwata national park situated between the Kavango East and Zambezi region, stating that he would be attacked by wild animals.

"On day 93, I was about to leave Divundu and the police explained to me that because of my own safety and of all the citizens they will not allow me to walk through the national park," said Nantana who was transported through the park.



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