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LPM concerned about alleged Omaheke uranium mining prospectors

By: Elvis Simboya

The Landless People's Movement (LPM) has accused the government of rewarding a mining company the prospect and clearance certificate for uranium in the Aminius constituency in Omaheke region.

LPM leader for human rights, Joyce Muzengua said if such mining activities are true, they could contaminate the underground water in the area, which the community is dependent on.

Reports of alleged mining activities in the Omaheke region emerged in August this year, as communities in the Aminius constituency complained to the LPM of the implications on their livelihoods.

Muzengua said they will approach the courts to challenge the ministry if they grant permission for operators to prospect uranium.

“The parts that have been provided on the investigations that were conducted are mining of uranium on that aquifer. And everybody is attesting to the fact that mining must not be done in that region by all means because the damage is going to be irreversible. After consultations with the communities, we have decided to take the matter to court because the government is clearly defying the risk assessment report which cautions that mining should not take place” stated Muzengua.

Muzengua further called on other political parties to join in their efforts to solicit more support.

Today on One spoke to the mining commissioner Erasmus Shivolo, who refuted the allegations.

Responding via text message, Shivolo said “ No application for a mining licence and no mining licence for uranium [was] issued in that area".

Shivolo added that there are exploration licences but exploration activities would only take place once a mining operator has received an Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).



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