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Kavihuha calls for new leadership in education

By: Anton Mbinge

The Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA) secretary-general, Mahongora Kavihuha, has stated that the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary and Advanced Subsidiary poor results are an indication that the current education top management is failing the system.

Kavihuhua said the management lacked leadership qualities to render adequate support and guidance to educators.This is after only 8 133 learners or 24%, qualified for tertiary education from the 38 019 candidates who sat for the 2022 national examinations.

Kavihuha stated that the only viable solution to address the current challenges in the education system is for the top management to adopt new approaches in dealing with education matters.

Kavihuha shared his sentiments after the top leadership in the Ministry of Education, Arts and culture submitted a report to the Head of State , President Hage Geingob, recently. According to him, the meeting was one-sided and demonstrates how the President is unwilling to change the education system.

"That meeting with top management , he (President) should have called other role players as well to hear our side. But if he thinks that one-sided information will bring change , then that was just a talk show and it was a windscreen kind of thing. He is not serious, because if he was serious he will talk to the teachers, the management, learners, students organisations, parents and civil society organisations," stated Kavihuha adding that there is a need for leadership change.

In addition, Kavihuha stated that the revised curriculum did not improve the desired results as initially expected by stakeholders. He noted that the curriculum has problems because of the quality of learners who proceeded to the Advanced Subsidiary level.

The National Institute for Educational Development (NIED) Director, Patrick Simaluma, refuted Kavihuha's claims stating that the current challenges faced by the education system are not caused by the current leadership.

"No, it is not the current leadership, because, imagine from 2011, that was Dr. (Abraham) Iyambo who was still there, different ED's, permanent secretaries and directors. Some have retired. Now we are with the third minister. So it is a process and people came on board, you cannot point a finger," stated Simalumba while adding that it is a process run by team and not one person.



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