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Healthy Communities Share Resources

The TribeFire Studio’s Client Relations Team had the opportunity to attend a public lecture hosted by the National Housing Enterprise (NHE). The subject of the lecture, given by Architect Nina Maritz, was ‘Sustainable rejuvenation approach to address the current informal settlements upgrading planning’.

She encouraged us to see housing in a more holistic way and humans as part of the system of nature. Diverse housing solutions with flexible and re-usable building materials mean that the solutions can change and adapt to the shifting needs of the people. “We need to create communities,” she said.

Nina also said that sharing resources and helping each other is a sign of a healthy community. I believe this starts with each of us. How am I making space for others or lifting them up as I rise? How are you helping your neighbour to thrive?

- Nakushe Kapofi, Sales Leader at TribeFire Studios

In the picture is Mrs. Taufi Shafombabi, Acting Manager: Corporate Communications & Marketing & Nakushe Kapofi - Sales Leader at TribeFire Studios.


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