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Government gives in to demands of salary increments

By: Selma Taapopi

The government and two bargaining unions negotiating on behalf of public servants met at State House this afternoon and agreed to raise the employees' basic salary by 3 %, housing allowance by 11% and transport allowance by 14 % for employees below management. The agreement came at the time when the unions were busy drafting strike rules following a nationwide voting process in which government employees voted in favour of the protest. In terms of the agreed salary and benefits adjustments, the union will not engage in the envisaged strike.The Namibia Public Workers Union (Napwu) secretary-general Petrus Nevonga stated that the government's previous offer, which would cost N$334 million, was not enough for the civil servants' plight. However, he stated that after extensive consultation and taking into account the high inflation and limited resources, the two parties have signed an agreement in which the government increased its offer which will now amount to N$924. "We have agreed that we give the basic salary of civil servants across the board of 3%. Another item is to increase the housing allowance for civil servants below management by 11%, the third last is to increase the transport allowance for civil servants by 14%. The total combined cost of these three items amounts to N$ 924 million," said Nevonga. Nevonga further explained that considering the government's new offer, the two unions applied it to the salaries and benefits of civil servants in terms of priority which they used to award the increment. Nevonga further explained, in light of the government's new offer, the two unions applied it to civil servants' salaries and benefits in terms of priority, which they used to award the increments. Nevonga also commended the President Hage Geingob for his leadership after cancelling his trip to Jamaica this week to attend the civil servants strike matter. According to Nevonga the new adjustments are backdated to April 2022.



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