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Fire up minds and brands for positive change

CEO of TribeFire Studios - Stefan Hugo

Despite all the changes in how we consume media these days, the old saying that ‘control of the media is control of the mind’, still remains true. The media we consume fills our brains with ideas and messages that influence our mood, decisions, beliefs and ultimately our actions in the world.

The other truth is that our brains are designed to respond faster and more intuitively to fear (and hate, which is a form of fear). In the race for clicks and buys, the algorithms, editors and content creators know that fear is a much easier button to push to reach results, second only to outright lying.

In stark contrast to the no-matter-what-just-get-the-reach approach to content, stands the rising call for responsible media - that respects minds and mood and work with careful regard of the long-term impact they have on the societies that follow them.

Various studies confirm the increased success rates of sales conversations or brand building messages delivered to consumers that are in a positive mind space like a good mood!

One Africa and 99FM are active members of the local communities we and our children live in. At the core of what we do we work to deliver meaningful results for our client brands and audiences.

It is this conviction that lead to our purpose statement:

We fire up minds for positive change.

We believe that we owe it to our audiences and clients to influence community mindsets where people and brands can thrive - making our contribution to the better world we all would like to live in.

We don’t yet get it right 100% of the time, and many advertising budget controllers do not yet share our heart on this. But we are moving swiftly and in this newsletter we celebrate many of the victories where we did get it right.

A humble thank you to our clients who make it possible and our team members who make the magic happen towards a better future for humans in Namibia!


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