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Family of 11 receives new house at Walvis Bay

By: Josia Shigwedha

A Walvis Bay family of 11, including a disabled teenager, moved into a new home earlier this month. Walvis Bay rural constituency councillor, Donatus Tegako, allocated a house worth N$452 000 to the Amutenya family after he heard of their plight.

At the beginning of the year, their landlord sold the house they were living in and they had to make do in a makeshift structure. Their tent shelter was made of old sheets and cardboard boxes that were insufficient against the wind and cold. Life in the tent was especially hard for their 18-year-old wheelchair-bound son.

The family received an unoccupied house built under the mass housing programme in Walvis Bay. According to the disabled boy’s mother, Justina Amutenya, who is a seasonal worker at a fishing company, they have been residents of Walvis Bay for almost 26 years. Amutenya indicated that they have approached the municipality on several occasions in search of a house but were unsuccessful.

“We thank our Councillor for being with us all these years. He surprised us today by sharing the good news with us. He said to my son Johnny ‘I brought you good news. You will be sleeping in your own house today. My son was laughing although he cannot speak, I could see he was happy,” remarked Amutenya.

Her husband, John Amutenya, who had spent the previous night holding the poles of the tents to prevent them from being blown away by the strong winds, was in disbelief when the Councillor shared the good news with the family. “I saw the house but I am in disbelief,” he said.

Councillor Tegako said he thought of the family as strong winds raged for the past few days at the coastal town. He found the family holding onto poles of their makeshift structure fearing that it might be blown away by strong winds and approached Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes to work on a way of moving them into a house. The councillor personally carried the disabled teenager from the family’s tent, into his car and drove to their new house.


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