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Dr. Amadhila appointed as Dinapama Goodwill ambassador

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

The newly appointed Goodwill ambassador for Dinapama manufacturing and supplies, Dr. Salomo ‘Solly’ Amadhila, says he will prioritise education and health while fulfilling his role. Amadhila whose desire is to have a knowledge based nation said this is only achievable by ensuring that the Namibian child receives an education. Amadhila, a paediatrician with 43 years of experience, served as the country's first permanent secretary in the ministry of health and social services. After his appointment at a gala dinner at a local hotel in Windhoek , Amadhila told TodayonOne that he will also focus on children who are malnourished. He indicated that about 25 percent of Namibian children are stunted while three percent are wasted. ‘’My main interest is education. We want to have a knowledge based nation and we must do everything possible to make sure our children are educated. Another thing close to my heart, is the children in our country who are malnutritioned. Twenty five percent of our children are stunted. About three percent are wasted and a large number of children are underweight," indicated Amadhila while adding that malnourished children are not getting enough protein such as milk, cheese and meat. However, Amadhila pointed out that these proteins are costly. "My problem is here, a child who is malnourished, it's not just the flesh that is wasted , but the brain too. That is why I tell mothers , the first thing you must do when you get pregnant is not to drink (alcohol), smoke and they must eat well. When they give birth, they must breastfeed because it has been proven that breastfed children have a higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ)level than children who are not breast fed. In addition, Dinapama Managing Director ,David Namalenga explained that they appointed Dr. Amadhila because he believes in giving and has a caring heart for the Namibian people. . Namalenga stated that Dr. Amadhila has been assisting the community from his heart and because he sees the need. ‘’Doctor Amadhila has been an honest and a person of high integrity in this country and he has supported many communities. Many people in this country do it for public relations. But he (Amadhila) is a person who is doing it from the heart," said Namalenga. During the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Dr. Amadhila partnered with Dinapama by availing funds to the company to manufacture and supply learners with masks out of concern that they would be denied access to schools because masks were mandatory then. Dr. Amadhila also partnered with Dinapama to provide school uniforms to learners based in the northern part of the country.



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