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Disabled Havana man left homeless after home is destroyed

By: Josia Shigwedha

A 38-year-old man from Havana informal settlement , Fredrick Gariseb ,was left destitute after community members demolished his home over the weekend after accusing him of accommodating criminals.

Gariseb, who is wheel-chair bound, is now living with relatives and has since opened a case of malicious damage to property against the community members.

Gariseb shared his shack with his five-year son at Havana Proper one , but he moved in with relatives after the incident. Gariseb told News on One that while admitted in hospital, a group of people led by the community leader demolished his home on Saturday morning after accusing his tenants of committing crimes in the vicinity.

Gariseb stated that the tenants paid N$400 per month and he relied on the money to take care of his personal needs, his children and grandchildren.

“Suddenly, they (community members) went down there without my consent and broke down the house while I was in hospital,” narrated Gariseb.

Community leader, Endeleleni Timoteus, admitted that he and fellow community members destroyed Gariseb’s shack.

He stated that there were about 17 people residing at Gariseb shack who are allegedly involved in criminal activities in the area.

“ His tenants are wrong people. They brought in others to an extent that the house had about 17 people that are engaged in criminal activities during the night. We are being robbed and stabbed. We came up with an agreement with the community members that on Saturday the shack must be demolished. So the community members stood up and demolished the shack,” said Timoteus.

Gariseb's sister, Fredrika Garises, added that she called the Police but after arriving they allegedly sided with the community. “They came to the conclusion that they will demolish my brother’s house. So while they were demolishing , I went to the police officers and asked for a letter of authorisation stating they have the right to demolish my brother’s property," narrated Garises.

Wanaheda Police station commander, Chief Inspector Vasco Malumbano told News on One, that he did not receive a report on the incident. However, he said the information he received was that Gariseb wanted to relocate his shack. As a result he (Malumbano) instructed an Inspector at the scene to engage the City of Windhoek officials who are in charge of the relocations. Malumbano added that he is not aware that Gariseb’s shack was demolished.



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