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Diplomats urged to promote Namibian tourism

By: Anton Mbinge

The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) hosted an information-sharing session with diplomats about to depart for foreign missions. The session included marketing the country as a tourism destination. The event held over the weekend at Gross Barmen Resort in Okahandja focused on the tourism industry and the unique role of the NWR as the largest public operator. NWR managing director Matthias Ngwangwama said engaging the diplomats about the tourism industry will help market the country and inform the world what Namibia has to offer. Ngwangwama stated that it is every Namibian's responsibility to market the country but particularly those who have the opportunity to travel. "You still find some people who do not know where Namibia is situated. That is our role to correct that and to be able to tell the story you need information," stated Ngwangwama. The managing director further urged Namibians to promote the tourism industry wherever they find themselves as it is among the country's largest gross domestic product (GDP) contributors. A diplomat posted to Ethiopia, Felix Amuporo, who spoke on behalf of over 20 diplomats stated that their main mandate is to promote the country in all its spheres. Amuporo said their task of promoting the country's trade and economic opportunities is crucial towards the recovery of sectors such as tourism which will lead to the creation of jobs. "We are looking at different sectors such as economic diplomacy, cultural tourism and even infrastructure development. We all know the world was hit by Covid-19 and of course the resources are now scarce and alot of countries especially from the global south are scavenging for the same resources. It is basically our role as diplomats to make sure those resources trigger back to Namibia," remarked Amuporo while adding he is confident the group will do a good job because they are young and have innovative and diverse ideas.

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