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Correctional service head defends 15 000 shortlisted candidates

By: Anton Mbinge

The Namibian Correctional Services (NSC) Commissioner General, Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, said they provided an equal opportunity to the 15 000 shortlisted candidates who met their recruitment requirements.

Hamunyela stated that the high number of qualified applicants made it difficult to narrow the list. Hamunyela's comments come after the NSC shortlisted 15 867 candidates for 200 available positions.

“We allowed everyone to apply free and fairly. It became a challenge to NSC to decide and shortlist some (candidates) and not shortlist others who meet the same requirements (sic). Who are we going to choose. I need the country to assist me, which mechanism do they think is best to shortlist a certain number,” stated Hamunyela.

The first phase of the assessments, which is a fitness test of recruits, started today at various venues countrywide.

In Windhoek, the candidates competed in the 2.4 kilometers run at the Independence stadium and as well the Khomasdal soccer stadium. The female candidates were given a maximum of 9.59 minutes to complete the race while the male were given 7. 59 minutes.

When asked how they will choose the successful applicants from each region given the high number of applicants, Hamunyela responded that it would depend on each region's population. He added that the number of candidates may vary from each region.

The assessments are divided into three stages, the physical fitness, followed by a written test and finally the oral interview.



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