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City Police new tariffs underway

By: Selma Taapopi

As from 1 January 2023, the Windhoek City Police will implement tariffs for services they offer such as police escorts, assistance during events, requests for road accidents reports and CCTV footage as well as statements.

City Police will now charge N$52.50 per hour for police assistance during racing events, sporting events, procession and other gatherings in general. They will also charge N$63.00 for road accident report and CCTV Footage as well as N$63.00 per statement obtained from complainants, witnesses and victims.

City Police officer for community and public relations, superintendent Cillie Kapolo said prior to the introduction of new tariffs, the police provided services for free over the years. Kapolo stated that these services were carried out on request and beyond normal policing duties which placed a significant impact on the operation cost of the service.

“We have been inundated with requests for police services. We are talking about police escorts coming from individuals or organisations, we are talking about police assistance in terms of events, there are sport events, processions and other gatherings in general," stated Kapolo adding that the decision to start charging is in line with the local authority Act of 1992 which makes provision for councils to start charging individuals and organisations for the services.

Kapolo added that no fees will be charged for mandated functions like normal calls for service, attendance of road accidents and incidence of crime and right of way for funeral processions and state motorcade activities is guaranteed, Superintendent Kapolo further clarified.

“It is important to clarify that we will not be charging for mandated functions of the police, you understand because these are our mandated obligations that we’re supposed to you know, safety to the community” Kapolo added



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