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City of Windhoek to remain without mayor till next year

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

The City of Windhoek council is yet to agree on a date to vote for a Mayor, deputy mayor and members of the management committee.

This is after the municipal council failed to elect its new office-bearers after Swapo and the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillors staged a walkout during the election last week.

As a result, the elections were called off due to lack of quorum, leaving the city without a mayor until next year.

Akwenye described the walkout as unprecedented because it has never happened before.

“This point in time, we are so to say, on auto pilot. We don't have a substantive council yet that will run the day to day business of the institution," stated Akwenye.

He added that the mayor, deputy mayor and management committee members will be appointed as soon as the election takes place early next year.

Akwenye further said although the city finds itself in an unforeseen situation, they have appointed Faniel Maanda as the acting chief executive officer for a period of three months until 7 March 2023, or until the new CEO assumes duty or whichever comes first.

"The issue of CEO will be resolved when the new council are elected, they will either appoint the candidate who came second in the (CEO) interviews or to re-advertise (the position) but the onus is with the council that will be elected next year.

The coalition of political parties running the affairs of the city - which include IPC, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) and Landless People's movement (LPM) and the Affirmative Repositioning has proven to be ineffective.



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