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Amushelelo sues Police for nearly N$ 1 million

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) economic commissar Michael Amushelelo plans to sue the Namibian Police for a combined N$ 750 000 for his alleged unlawful arrest, detention as well as pain and suffering.

This comes after the activist was arrested when he joined Craft Bistro employees in a protest against alleged unfair treatment by their employers. However, Amushelelo was released from police custody a few hours later.

Amushelelo sustained injuries on his arm after he was forcefully carried away by the Police from the Craft Bistro, situated at the Namibian Craft Centre in the capital yesterday.

“What is going to happen as of here, my lawyer Kadhila Amoomo is the one who is going to start civil proceedings in order to sue the State. First , we are going to sue the Police in its personal capacity.Then we are going to sue all the indiviual police officers who decided to dish out that brutality and assault on me. The reason we are going after them personally is so that they are made to pay from their own pockets so that this becomes a warning to all other police officers so that they act professionally and be at the service of the Namibian people,” stated Amushelelo. In a letter of demand addressed to the Police , Amoomo stated that Amushelelo’s arrest and detention was carried out unlawfully without any reason and valid warrant of arrest. As a result, Amushelelo demands compensation of N$ 500 000 for the pain and suffering endured and an additional N$ 250 000 for for unlawful arrest and detention. Amoomo has given the police 30 days to respond to the letter, and failure to provide them with a satisfactory answer, they will be left with no option but to insitutute proceedings against the office of the Inspector General as well as the government. In addition, an employee of Craft Bistro, Elizabeth Gaingos, also sustained injuries during the scuffle with the police. Gaingos stated that they reached out to Amushelelo after employees failed to get answers from the labour ministry. “When Amushelelo came here he tried to speak to her but she told him that she didn’t want to speak to him. That is when the workers decided to down tools because of the treatment we receive from the employer,” said Gaingos. Attempts to get the latest information from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security spokesperson, Margreth Kalo regarding allegations that Craft Bistro co-owner Petra Illing was operating her establishment in the country illegally proved futile. The Namibian Police Spokesperson deputy Commissioner Kauna Shiwambi told New on One that she could not comment on the matter as she did not receive the report regarding the matter.



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