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84-year-old pensioner and family on the verge of being homeles

By: Hendrina Kanyolo

An 84-year-old pensioner and her family from Damara location in Windhoek, woke up to news that the home they have been residing in for over four decades is now up for public auction.

The senior citizen Martha !Gaoseb, who claims to have never sold her house, has been threatened with numerous eviction orders by the property owner, who happens to be her grandson.

But this time around, the !Gaoseb was issued with a notice from a local bank.

The pensioner and some of her older children alleges that Leonard !Gaoseb , the pensioner's grandson, dubiously acquired the house in 2009, by making her sign documents under the pretext that he was extending the home.

An emotional !Gaoseb said she has been tormented all these years to vacate the premises.

“I am unhappy with Attie, my grandson. He wants to sell my house and that makes me unhappy. Every year and every month he tries to put me out of the house,” remarked !Gaoses.

News on One contacted Leonard who dismissed claims that he fraudulently acquired the property. He added that he never evicted his grandmother but certain individuals residing at the property. !Gaoseb added that by allowing his relatives to live in the house, he has accumulated a municipal bill of over N$250 000.

!Gaoseb invited the news team to contact the Namibian police, commercial crime investgiation division to find out what the investigation revealed in connection with the money paid to the pensioner from the conveyance lawyer since she is claiming she never received any money.

When questioned about the auctioning of the property, !Gaoseb refused to comment saying it is a personal matter.



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